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You know, I’m going to take it easy today. I’m going to get off-topic and stay off-topic. I’m might even blather and blather about some touchy-feely stuff. Soft and fuzzy. It’s important to have a forum for blather, especially when my writing Baby_animals has been a little too heavy for my taste, lately. I was a downer when talking about the gross displays of guyhood at New York Jets games. My blog about Title IX was downright pedantic. Oops. If I’m going to be frivolous, today, I probably shouldn’t toss out words like pedantic. Don’t be a downer, D. Stay the course.

So, I’m not going to write about Evel Knievel’s death last Friday. Of natural causes. I suppose that means nature caused by tumbling headfirst across a Vegas parking lot after “riding” his motorcycle 140 feet over the Caesar fountains. He was unconscious for a month. Or nature caused by slamming into a canyon after unsuccessfully trying to jump the Snake River on his Skycycle 2. Man, nature is relentless.

Nah, let’s talk shopping. It’s that time of year, right? It’s when we all get caught up in the consumerism that we swore last January we weren’t going to get caught up in again. (…not a downer… not a downer.) It’s the time of year where I start wondering if it’s really still OK that I tell my daughter there is a Santa Claus and give credence to her imagination when discussing whether Santa has a cat. It’s the time of year where I give my kids a new toy catalogue every day to browse and tell them to circle all the toys they want because Santa needs some good ideas. Seriously, I do love the holidays.  I love the lights. I love the smell of the Christmas tree. I love giving gifts. Truly, I do. I just hate shopping for them and wrapping.

That’s what makes our Holiday Store and, specifically, our Scorebook Journal such a great gift.

I think I’m going to give everyone on my list a copy. Not only is iScorebookcover_1 t very cool and useful, it’s also because I don’t have to wrap it. I have to stick it in an envelope. But you don’t even need to do that! We’ll stick it in the envelope for you! Then again, maybe I’ll have to wrap yours. I’ll leave that decision up to Jackie. But it’ll cost you. Dearly. Maybe I’ll even order gift wrapping for my gifts, too. You know, I know the woman in charge….  Told you I’d stay off-topic. Now, what was it that I was saying? Email comment

Photo Credits: Clyattville Elementary School (baby kittens); The Savvy Girls (journal cover)