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7/17/08 – All-Star Blunder?

Hey, I’m pretty easy-going about things. Especially sports. As I’ve said over-and-over again in interviews, writing a baseball book isn’t like curing world hunger. Now, there was certainly a day when I cared deeply about sports: when I played soccer as a kid. I was never one to cry over a loss but I was the type to play the game over and over again in my head – wins and losses.

And I still do…For example, my daughter came home from camp yesterday and said she met a friend named Joanne. “Really?. . . Joanne,” I thought. Oddly, I immediately teleport myself back to a soccer game during my junior year in high school. The game had gone into sudden-death overtime and I was called off-sides just as my teammate, Joanne Duymovic – one of the best athletes I’ve ever Continue reading