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5/1/08: April’s been berry, berry good to me

April was our long-awaited (by us) book launch. It was the culmination of four years of thought, execution, near-executions and family neglect. (Check out the book at www.TheSavvyGirls.com)

How did we celebrate? On April 1, release date, Jackie and I drove around Seattle and took pictures of our book in various stores. Total dorks. Thank God we found eachother.

By the end of the month, we had this great article by Doug Miller, senior writer for MLB.com. It was featured, front-and-center, on the MLB.com website.  Don’t believe us? Here’s the screen shot. I had to take it, knowing that these things are fleeting: 

MLBScreenShot.JPGThanks, Doug.  He’s a Seattle-guy, too, but likely got wind of us from our own Mark at MLB.com HQ in NYC. You both rock. Specifically, Doug’s retelling of our interview w/ a bonehead “sports reporter” was fun to read.  I blogged about the guy earlier this week in “Dark Interview in the Dark.”

This month, we also had a couple book launch parties.  Jackie’s good at many things but one thing she truly excels at is party planning.

One party included a tour of Safeco Field (my 6 y.o. son tried to pick the lock of the snack machine in the visitor’s locker room) followed by a public party at Pyramid Brewery, directly across from the stadium. The night was capped with an intimate “after party” with us standing in the rain w/ our two husbands along Seattle’s Alki Beach and cracking a bottle of Dom Perignon that Jackie and John had saved for a special moment. Glad this rated.

Then we had a more private shindig red velvet-clad “Grotto,” which is really theBLG-D&Jcake2.jpg basement of The Renezvous bar on 2nd Ave in Seattle’s hip Belltown neighborhood. Here’s me caught stealing some cake…

We are starting our book tour in a month w/ a event with the Washington Nationals on 6/5.  This is especially nice for me because it was my old stomping grounds.  Well, not exactly Southeast D.C. where the new stadium is…  (When I was a teen, we were instructed never to go to SE and, if we were ever lost there, we were encouraged to run red lights)  But, I hear “revitalization,” etc., etc. born from the Nats new park have made the place a little nicer.  I’ll see in a month and report back. 

Us and some friends at the Grotto party.

D&J in front… w/ Dave at top far left, Tim, John (Jackie’s squeeze), Andrew (Tim’s squeeze) and Michael (D’s squeeze).  Yes, we need to find Dave a squeeze…