To Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a soccer term that means to deliver the ball through the legs of your opponent. It is a brazen offensive move that leaves the defender looking mighty foolish.

In a similar — albeit less arrogant — vein, this blog is an effort to call attention to the range of sports topics left unguarded by traditional sports media.  They most certainly could guard them.  But sports executives ceded the territory because they decided that certain topics simply don’t interest their target demographic.

And they might be right.  Problem is that the industry’s target demographic does not encompasses the entirety of sports fans.  Sports fans are more complicated and, sports execs don’t like complicated. So they stick with what they have figured out.

The reality of the 24/7 news cycle and consumer expectation to have the most up-to-date news created more polorization in the sports media world.  Resources are spent rehashing games and updating stories with the latest breaking news about injuries and coaching decisions. Other writers keep their audience rapt with speculation, rumors and a scintilating storyline for the weekend game that will make readers sound really knowledable when talking with co-workers or neighbors.

A lot of effort and some very good work is put in but, in reality, much of that depth on a handful of sports or a single game does not appeal to the majority of sports consumers.

The problem is that when traditional sports media ceded certain topics, they traded the wide world of sports for a very narrow view.  In that way, the sports media has painted itself into a corner.

I think the breadth of sports consumers is huge.  In short, I am looking to put the ball where the traditional sports media isn’t.

Seattle, WA


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